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About art with passion and curiosity

I call myself an artist, but I do not have a formal art education. And to be honest, I am happy about that. It is clear to me, that I have knowledge gaps and I need to put additional efforts to identify them and then take an action to fill them up. Probably it is not the shortest and easiest way to become a professional, but I look at it, first, as an exciting journey, which I want to enjoy. I would like to follow my passion and have the freedom to go my own way at my own pace. I decided to create this blog as a place to share my thoughts and findings about the art. I will be happy if this blog will be interesting and helpful for you too! What am I going to cover? Well, I have plenty of ideas in my mind, but I will try to put some order in it.

Soft pastel and oil pastel art

As my favorite medium is pastel, I would like to share some practical information about these medium. What is the difference between soft pastel and oil pastel? How can it be that the soft pastel is too hard? What oil pastels have in common with oil colors? Is it worth buying professional brands? What is so special in pastel paper? What other mediums can be combined with oil pastel? What can be used for underpainting? What famous artists used pastel? What famous masterpieces are pastel artworks?

Landscape Art

I like painting landscapes and focus on this genre at most. Living in a beautiful area next to the mountains, I am lucky to get inspired by nature every single day. But what is the point of the landscape art as genre? What are the key points of landscape painting to make it interesting for the viewer? What role does composition play there?

Art Books, Museums and Exhibitions

Books, museums, and special exhibitions are very important learning source for me, so I am going to leave some reviews here as well.

I am sure this list will grow with the time. So, stay tuned! Do you want to be first to know when a new post is out? Sign up for my newsletter or follow me on Instagram and Facebook!

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