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Story of one painting: "Energy"

Having spent many hours practicing surfing, I built up a connection and a deep respect for the "big water". I appreciated the surf lessons a lot, because they included not only practical stuff ("paddle, paddle, paddle!!!"), but also a lot of science and even philosophy.

Could you imagine that the waves breaking to the shore at the current moment, were created far away from this place several months ago?! If you have ever seen a surfer coming to a spot, you would notice that the first thing he does is observing the ocean. The waves are not as chaotic as people usually think. They come in sets of 6 waves on average, where the most powerful one will be in the middle. They appear in a particular place, surrounded by the channels, where the water goes back to the ocean.

"The waves are nothing, but an energy", the instructor told us. For me though, the ocean waves are a symbol of motivation. They come and bring energy to work on your tasks. And only when driven by the inner personal goals supported by the true values and beliefs, we can be sure that even having still times, the new set of motivation will come.

All these ideas were put into the "Energy" painting. When my surf buddy saw this painting, she immediately wanted to get it! "It gives me such a tremendous energy", she said.

I am so happy that my art inspires people. The "Energy" was also chosen by the composer Margin Alexander for the Music Exhibition in New York! I am looking forward to 20 September 2022 to hear, what music come out for it.

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