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How I archive the soft pastel artworks

With the amount of soft pastels artwork I made, I cannot afford myself to frame each and every one under the glass and passepartout (what is the ideal way to preserve the soft pastel paintings).

Here is what I do:

1️. Put a glassine paper to cover the soft pastel painting

2️. Use washi-tape to stick them together (later if a painting needs to be framed, the washi-tape can be removed without leaving any traces)

3️. Put the soft pastel painting into the document pocket of the appropriate size.

4️. Add to the ring binder.

Of course, it puts some limitations on the size of the painting you can archive. That's why I prefer the sizes A4, A4+ and A3. My favorite size of the painting is A4+ (24 cm x 32 cm), which is also a size of many pastel pads, such as Pastelmat, Sennelier Card, Canson Mi-Teintes Touch.

How do you archive you soft pastel paintings? Let me now in the comments below!

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