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Meet Natalia:

An Artist Inspired by the Beauty of the Everyday

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Artistic Focus

Natalia specializes in landscape drawings and floral paintings, expressing her artistic visions primarily through the vibrant and textured medium of soft pastels—a medium she adores for its expressive capabilities.

Inspiration and Process

The simple objects around her spark ideas for modern still lifes, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary art pieces. For Natalia, creating art is not only a passion but a therapeutic practice, offering stress relief and a surge of energy.

Artistic Development

Since 2018, Natalia has embraced continuous learning, engaging with a variety of online courses that allow her the freedom to explore art at her own pace. She also participates in offsite events, including plein air sessions, which provide valuable opportunities to connect with other artists and learn directly from their experiences.


  • Deutsche Pastell Gesellschaft

  • Pastel Guild of Europe

  • Kunstkreis Haar

Natalia captures more than the visual aspects of her subjects; she delves into their spiritual atmosphere, inspiring others to find beauty in the simple things that surround us daily. Based in Munich, Bavaria, Natalia is surrounded by the stunning vistas of the Alps and serene lakes, which fuel her daily inspiration.

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