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Artist Bio

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I try to catch not just the visual elements of a painting subject, but also the spiritual atmosphere aiming to inspire people to see beauty in ordinary things, which surround us in daily life. 

I am mainly focused on landscape drawings and flower paintings and work primarily with soft pastels and oil pastels. Based in Munich (Bavaria, Germany), next to the Alps and surrounded by the beautiful lakes, I have a great opportunity to get inspiration from nature every single day. Everyday objects give me ideas for modern still life drawings.

I did not get a formal art education, as I was afraid that the formal schooling system would destroy my creativity. Additionally, I was convinced from childhood that painters get by, and as all of us I wanted stability and security in my life.

Having got a stable office full-time job, I got a need to express my creativity. It turned out that painting is one of the best ways for me to relieve stress and get a tremendous amount of energy.

Since 2018 I am constantly studying drawing and painting thanks to a wide range of online courses existing nowadays, which gives me the freedom to go my own way at my own pace.

Exhibitions & Projects


  • Deutsche Pastell Gesellschaft

  • Pastel Guild of Europe

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