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From Ocean Depths to Artistic Peaks: Discover "Energy"

The Art Inspiration: Riding the Waves

As an avid surfer, my respect and fascination with the ocean have grown immensely over the years. Surfing is more than a sport; it's a blend of physics, nature, and philosophy taught through exhilarating shouts of "paddle, paddle, paddle!" Each wave, born from distant oceanic events, carries a story to the shore. Surfers, like artists, start their craft by observing and understanding these patterns—waves typically arrive in sets of six, with the strongest making its presence known in the middle.

Artistic Journey: Creating "Energy"

My painting "Energy" captures the essence of these ocean waves—dynamic, powerful, and endlessly motivating. The artwork was created on Canson Mi-Teintes Touch paper, 425 black color, a sanded paper that allows for bolder and brighter strokes using soft pastels. I selected extra soft pastels from Sennelier, Schmincke, and Unison Colours for their rich pigmentation and ability to convey the intense emotion and vibrancy of the ocean. The final touches were crafted with a charcoal pencil from General's, which I favor for its precision and impact, enhancing the dramatic effect of the swirling waves.

A soft pastel painting titled 'Energy' depicting a dynamic swirl of ocean waves in shades of deep blue and white, symbolizing the powerful and motivational force of the sea.
Energy. Soft pastel on paper. 24х32 cm. July 2022

The Impact of "Energy"

When I first unveiled "Energy," the response was immediate. A fellow surf enthusiast and close friend felt a surge of vitality from the piece, prompting her to proudly display it in her home. The artwork's influence reached further when it caught the eye of composer Martin Alexander, leading to its feature at a prestigious Music Exhibition in New York on September 20, 2022.


I'm thrilled to see my work resonate with others and inspire across different mediums. What does "Energy" evoke in you? Have you ever found motivation in unexpected places? Share your stories, and if you're eager to see more behind-the-scenes details of my pastel techniques and other artworks, make sure to subscribe and follow my journey!


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