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Early Birds Access

Hello Early Birds!

I’m excited to introduce our new monthly challenge and share some updates and based on your survey feedback!


Looking forward to seeing all your creative contributions and feedback. Let’s make this a great month

This month, we delve into the fascinating world of palm trees. I’ve prepared detailed materials with numerous references to kickstart your exploration. Check it here. Let’s take our time and dive deep into this topic to see if we need to add another type of tree in a couple of weeks. Use a dedicated thread in Forum to download all references, as well as discuss the topic and share your process to get a feedback.

Many of you expressed interest in more collaborative opportunities. I’m thrilled to announce the launch of our Community Forum! Please register, familiarize yourself with the forum rules, and introduce yourself. Explore various topics and share your invaluable feedback.

My website now features a dedicated section for the Landscape Art Club, where you can find information about both weekly and monthly challenges. Visit Landscape Art Club to learn more and share your thoughts!

You can now discuss weekly challenges on both Instagram and our new forum. High-quality photos are available for download in the “Weekly Challenge” category on the forum, where you can also seek constructive feedback on your submissions.

Submitting photos for the weekly challenge is now easier than ever with our new submission form.

For those who prefer updates via email, our newsletter launches this Friday! It will include details about the weekly challenge and other exciting news. Stay tuned!

The community runs for free, so that every artist and art enthusiast can learn, share and grow together. It is clear that running the community involves some costs, such as website hosting, domain management, design improvements, newletter services, and so on. If you would like to support us, you have an option to donate. Your contribution drive the future of the community!

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