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The Big Final of the 100 Day Challenge: A Sketch Tour to Dinkelsbühl

The culmination of my 100-day sketching challenge was a fantastic sketch tour in Dinkelsbühl, organized by the talented Bettina Ruppert. This grand finale provided the perfect opportunity to apply my newly honed skills in urban sketching, sketching outdoors right in front of the subjects.

Discovering the Beauty of Dinkelsbühl

Dinkelsbühl is a medieval gem, ideal for sketching with its beautiful houses, town walls, four town gates, and fourteen town towers. The timing was perfect, as late May offered lush greenery and blooming flowers, making the town feel like a fairytale. Additionally, Dinkelsbühl is one of Germany's best-preserved medieval towns, with its history dating back over 1,000 years.

I stayed at a charming hotel in the heart of the old town, next to the Stadtpfarrkirche St. Georg. Everything was conveniently close, with the farthest town gate just an eight-minute walk away. The architectural beauty of Dinkelsbühl's old town, featuring well-preserved medieval architecture with charming half-timbered houses and cobblestone streets, made every sketch a delight.

Immersing in the Sketch Tour

Upon arrival, I joined a group of sketchers at a nearby café, already busy sketching the main square with the Stadtpfarrkirche St. Georg (and my hotel building). More participants arrived throughout the afternoon, and by 7 PM, we all gathered for our first dinner together. Meeting so many talented urban sketchers from Germany and Europe was incredibly inspiring. These dinners were more than just meals; they were opportunities for sketching subjects on the table or even face sketches of each other, adding a fun and creative touch to our evenings.

The second day was packed with activities, sketching, and inspiring conversations. We even attended an organ concert in the Stadtpfarrkirche St. Georg, where some sketchers combined listening to music with sketching the church and the organ.

After dinner, while some sketchers went for a night sketching session, I planned to return to the hotel. On my way, I stumbled upon a night excursion starting next to the Stadtpfarrkirche St. Georg. Spontaneously, I joined and explored the night city, learning fascinating facts about Dinkelsbühl. Highly recommended!

Saturday's plan was ambitious: sketching two town gates and eight town towers. Realistically, I focused on a few, balancing sketching with enjoying conversations and the beautiful weather. Although the sketch tour continued until Sunday midday, I had to leave on Saturday due to commitments at home.

Reflecting on Personal Achievements

As the final event of my 100-day challenge, the sketch tour was a perfect reflection of my progress:

1 - Improved Confidence and Skills: Compared to last year, I felt much more confident sketching complex architectural forms, with fewer issues related to perspective and shadowing. Cloudy skies, which presented no shadows, posed less of a challenge.

2 - Optimal Materials and Techniques: I was pleased with the materials I used this year. Fineliners were a significant improvement over pencils and colored pencils from last year. Using just two fineliners (0.2 mm and 1.0 mm) and markers, especially grey markers for shadows, proved effective. I experimented with various color combinations, from vibrant to minimalistic, finding that grey shadows with one or two color accents were my favorite. This challenge helped me discover my preferred medium and style, allowing me to focus on the subject rather than the tools.


Completing the 100-day challenge and the sketch tour was immensely rewarding. I gained valuable skills, confidence, and clarity in my artistic preferences. This experience was a complete success, providing me with insights into what I would do differently if I embark on a similar challenge again. I look forward to sharing these learnings in my next blog post. Stay tuned!

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What a fantastic adventure!

Jun 07
Replying to

Thank you so much, Judith! This sketch tour was worth spending 3 months to learn, how to sketch!

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