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Become a Co-Host


We treasure the ongoing support from our community members like you, who bring the world closer together through art. Share the beauty of your favorite places and inspire fellow artists by submitting your photographs for our weekly challenges.

Submission Guidelines

  • Number of Photos: Submit 4 to 6 images capturing a single location.

  • Orientation & Size: Images should have the same orientation, with a ratio of 4:5. Ensure each photo is at least 1200 pixels on the longest side.

  • Description: Provide a brief description of the location and its inspiration. You may also include some personal information to share with our community.

  • Photo Usage: By submitting, you agree that your photos will be available for community use, with proper credit given. If you have specific conditions or requests, please let us know.

Additional Information

  • Selection Process: It may take a few months for your photos to be chosen as a challenge prompt. We will notify you two days prior to when your photos are featured.

  • Preferred Timing: If you have a specific week in mind for your photos to be highlighted, please reach out to us directly.

  • Co-Host Opportunities: As a co-host, you'll get the chance to collaborate on an Instagram post with @landscapeartclub and showcase your own interpretation of the challenge.

Submit your photos below and join us in this creative journey, sharing the beauty of your world with artists around the globe!

Photo Submission Form


Share your vision and inspire artists worldwide — submit your photos today!

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Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!We'll review your submission and contact you via Instagram soon.

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