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Delve into the world of art with the Landscape Art Club, an integral part of Painted By Natalia website, where artistry and community meet. Subscribe to our newsletter for a regular dose of inspiration, tips, and community highlights right to your inbox.

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Join the Landscape Art Club's thriving community by subscribing to our newsletters. Whether you're keen on weekly updates or a comprehensive monthly digest, we've got you covered. Dive into a world of art and creativity with content tailored to spark your imagination and enrich your artistic pursuits.

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Weekly Challenge Newsletter (Sent Every Friday)

  • Latest Challenge: Kick off each weekend with a new art challenge, featuring unique photo references to stimulate your creativity.

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Monthly Digest Newsletter (Sent Once a Month)

  • Next Month's Challenge Details: Receive all the materials needed to begin the upcoming month's challenge right away. Dive into the full theme, photo references, and guidelines to start creating as soon as the month turns.

  • Artist and Blog Updates: Stay updated with the latest insights from [Artist's Name]'s blog, where you'll find reviews, art tips, and personal reflections.

  • Community Highlights and News: Explore the highlights from the community, including exceptional member artworks and insightful forum discussions.

  • Website Enhancements: Discover the latest features and updates designed to improve your experience within our art community.

a minimalistic impressionistic landscape with the palm tree on the right side done with li

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