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Landscape Art Weekly Challenge

Join our vibrant weekly challenge on Instagram, where creativity knows no bounds! Here's how to participate and make your mark.

New Prompt

Look out for our fresh prompt every Friday on both our Instagram account and Community Forum. Don't miss a beat – sign up for our newsletter and receive prompt details and reference photos directly in your inbox every Friday.

Inclusive Community

No matter your skill level, everyone is encouraged to participate and share in the fun!

Tips for Success

Increase your chances of being featured by ensuring your photo is of high quality, adhering to prompt guidelines, and respecting deadlines.

Creative Freedom

Express yourself in your preferred artistic medium – whether it's drawing, painting, or illustration, the choice is yours!

Sharing Etiquette

If you choose to share your artwork beyond Instagram, such as on your website or for sale, remember to credit the owner of the reference photo mentioned in the prompt description.

Reposting Policy

While we strive to repost every interpretation, please understand that it's not guaranteed due to Instagram's updates and the growing number of participants. Reposting is done manually, so patience is appreciated. If your interpretation hasn't been reposted after the deadline, you have a 16-hour window to DM us.

Manipulate and Create

Crop, combine, or even add new elements to make the prompt your own. Just remember to respect the co-host and stick to the provided photos; using other images of the same location won't count as an entry.

Submission Guidelines

Share your interpretation of the prompt in your Instagram feed by Thursday, 23:59 CET. Don't forget to include our special weekly hashtag mentioned in the prompt post and tag @landscapeartclub. Ensure your account is public to facilitate tagging.

Feature in our Reels

Showcase your artistic process or offer valuable tips in a Reel. Invite us as a collaborator for a chance to be featured on our account!

Follow our Instagram page and unleash your creativity on a constant base!

Do you want to showcase your favorite spots as part of our weekly challenge?

Join us as a co-host!

Connect, collaborate, and inspire in our inclusive forum, where artists of all levels share ideas, feedback, and support.

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