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Blending Challenges: A Strategy for Continuous Artistic Inspiration

Embarking on a 100-day sketching challenge has been an incredible journey of growth and discovery. Inspired by the need to develop a consistent drawing habit, I committed to sketching every day for 10 to 30 minutes. The challenge, simple yet powerful, aimed to build my skills and creativity through daily practice.

However, as weeks went by, I encountered an inspirational block while exploring food sketching. Seeking a solution, I decided to integrate theme from the Landscape Art Club's monthly challenges into my daily sketches. Launched for the first time during my 100-day challenge, these monthly themes provided a fresh layer of excitement and purpose to my journey!

Combining Challenges: Keeping the Creative Spark Alive

As I navigated through the 100-day sketching challenge, I encountered an unexpected hurdle - an inspiration slump. After several weeks of exploring food sketching, I found myself at a creative standstill, unsure of what to sketch next. The solution came from an unexpected place: the Landscape Art Club.

To reignite my creativity, I decided to integrate the club's monthly challenge into my daily sketching routine. This idea not only provided a new source of inspiration but also aligned perfectly with the goals of my 100-day challenge.

The theme of the first month was Palm Trees, which starts with the exploring the palm silhouettes. This theme allowed me to experiment with fineliners and black markers, focusing on capturing the intricate details and distinctive shapes of palm trees. This exploration of silhouettes was both challenging and rewarding, pushing me to see the world in new ways and translate that vision onto paper.

Combining these two challenges - daily sketching and monthly themes - proved to be a brilliant strategy. It kept my routine exciting and varied, preventing burnout and maintaining my enthusiasm for the project. This approach not only solved my inspiration problem but also enriched my overall artistic experience, providing a continuous stream of new ideas and techniques to explore.

Palm Silhouettes Technique

One of the most exciting aspects of my 100-day sketching challenge was the opportunity to explore different techniques and mediums. When I integrated the monthly challenges from the Landscape Art Club, I decided to focus on palm silhouettes for a week. This subject provided a perfect canvas for experimenting with fineliners and black marker only.

Using fineliners and black markers allowed me to create striking, high-contrast images. The simplicity of working with these tools helped me concentrate on the essential elements of the silhouettes—the shapes and outlines. I focused on capturing the unique forms and intricate details of palm leaves and trunks, emphasizing the interplay of light and shadow. The process of sketching palm silhouettes was both meditative and stimulating. It required a keen eye for detail and a steady hand, as each stroke contributed to the overall composition.

Here are some of my palm silhouettes sketches here as examples:

This exploration not only expanded my artistic skills but also kept my creative journey dynamic and engaging. The palm silhouettes became a foundation upon which I could build more complex and colorful compositions, pushing the boundaries of my creativity.

Join a new Monthly Challenge to explore the Waterfalls!

With the arrival of June, it's time to dive into a new theme for the Landscape Art Club's monthly challenge: waterfalls. This theme presents a more complex subject compared to previous ones, offering a wealth of opportunities to explore the beauty and dynamics of moving water.

Waterfalls are fascinating subjects for artists due to their ever-changing nature and the interplay of light and shadow. Capturing the fluidity and power of cascading water requires a keen eye and a range of techniques. Although my 100 day challenge is over, I will apply the same strategy to a new month - going for quick studies or sketches at least every second day and, when I have enough time, investing time into a complete artowork.


The 100-day sketching challenge has been a transformative experience, helping me establish a consistent drawing habit through dedicated daily practice. Integrating the Landscape Art Club's monthly challenge brought fresh inspiration and new directions to my artistic journey. Exploring palm silhouettes with fineliners and black marker was both rewarding and educational, allowing me to refine my techniques and expand my creative horizons.

With the arrival of June, the new theme of waterfalls offers an exciting and complex subject to explore. Capturing the dynamic beauty of waterfalls will undoubtedly enhance my skills and provide a deeper understanding of natural forms and movements. I invite you to join this month's challenge and share your progress with the community! Engage with fellow artists, receive constructive feedback, and enjoy the collective journey of artistic growth! By participating, you'll not only improve your technical abilities but also experience the joy of continuous learning and community engagement.

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